Why pay a Graphic Designer when you can do it yourself?

Why would you pay a Graphic Designer when you can do it yourself?

Unless you have the proper design software & know a bit about what you are doing then I’d advise against trying it yourself and that’s not me just saying that so I get extra work. A Graphic Designer is trained and quick at what they do, so can save you lots of headaches of a do it yourself logo or brochure.

Imagine this, it is no different to painting or tiling your house, sure you can do it yourself if you really try, but a professional job not only looks better but it saves you lots of stress & mistakes. Plus the finished image it projects is different, you have the input of a professional who has xxx years experience and knows all the tricks of the trade.

The most important factor to consider, the majority of printers will not accept files from: Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Paint. Artwork supplied from those software will usually incur charges for converting to something they can use, anything from $40 – $100 per hour. Also most printers will not check for errors and will print exactly as you provide… so if you have put some text too close to the edge, it will print like that and could be trimmed off. A professional Graphic Designer will proof read and asks the client to double check all details and ensure the artwork is accurate before any printing commences.

So the question is: Do you want to project a professional image & stand out above your competitors?

It is worth that little extra cost to commission an experienced Graphic Designer to have a stress-free project with guidance and advise & a professional finished product. I am a Graphic Designer based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland but work Nationwide and Internationally. Drop me an email to: info@bluemoongraphix.com.au   and we’d be happy to help you with your graphic design projects, large or small and at a cost that won’t break the bank!

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