Banner lifespan experiment

Banner lifespan experiment.

At Bluemoon Graphix, we want to ensure the quality of the products we supply. Clients often ask us the banner lifespan, how long their flying banner will last. It’s a good question. An answer could be “How long is a piece of string?” It does depend on factors such as location, weather, how often they are brought inside, how often you wash the fabric etc etc.

But we wanted a more definitive answer of fabric banner lifespan for ourselves! We wanted to be able to inform, with first hand knowledge.

For 370 days we conducted a banner lifespan trial on our new Flying Banner to have our own proof of longevity after extreme usage… Why not 365? … well… we forgot and left it out longer!

We kept the banner outside in all conditions, 24/7! From harsh Queensland sun, throughout every night and during wild storms. Every morning it is still stood proud , looking as good as the day before! Please keep in mind that this banner has not seen ‘Normal’ use.

We positioned it outside our house next to a fairly busy road. A road which is on a regular bus route and has a daily stream of School traffic. It is also very close to a motorway and local airport. Exhaust fumes are a high factor in banners degrading as the chemicals damage the fibers in the fabric.


Due to many overhead fruit bats in the neighborhood, which may be using my banner as target practice… we have washed in warm, soapy water & then placed back outside to dry naturally. I did this only twice during the full year.


January 2013 – CRAZY, EXTREME weather conditions from Tropical Cyclone Oswald bashing the Sunshine Coast region of SE Queensland. Our Banner remained outside, day & night, through storm force winds and torrential rain. Watch our short YouTube video here, showing it still flying and battling the tamer wind the next morning! (We actually forgot all about it and was surprised to see it still in position the next morning!)


March 2013 – Our banner has now had over 365 days outside. To me, the banner is still usable and the colours still visible and could stay out as a promotional advertisement for longer – However, I have just taken some ‘after’ photos to compare with the ones taken on the very first day and yes, now I compare, the background has lost a lot of colour. My surprise finding is that the yellows and pinks which I had anticipated would fade first, still look great! The Black elasticated binding that holds the rods has probably suffered the worst, looking a pale grey now.

The fabric has no holes at all and all the stitching is still in tact, the eyelets are a little rusty but still secure … this banner has been wildly flapping for a whole year and in 30+ degree heat and sun plus Queensland tropical storms!

Please note: Bluemoon Graphix always recommends that you follow care manufacturers care instructions. We would also recommend that you take down your Flying Flag Banner in any high winds. This is our own experiment to see how long it takes for the Print & fabric to degrade under very extreme conditions. The Flying Banner did AMAZINGLY well and this is why we only source from tried & tested manufacturers.

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