Labels & Stickers – Label printers

We can provide custom printed Stickers and Labels:

Marine Grade outdoor vinyl stickers – digitally printed and up to 1.2m long – Ideal for outdoor use, Car Bumper stickers used for business advertising on your vehicle. These stickers have a standard outdoor life of approx. 2 years or we can print a Premium product which has a life of approx. 5 years. Vinyl labels are also perfect for wine or beer bottles or any product that need to be refrigerated or stored outdoors. We can digitally print your label or sticker meaning you do not need to order thousands at a time, we’ll print small quantities to suit you!

Electrostatic stickers -no glue, sticks via static charge. Ideal for temporary window displays. These can be used in the rear window of cars or utes, where you do not want a permanant advertisement… if it is your family car, you can easily remove an electrostatic sticker & only use when needed.

Smart Walling – A thin Polyester that is digitally printed with your custom image and is sticky on the reverse… leaves no sticky residue and can be moved easily on walls, glass etc. Ideal for moving displays, home wall art, interactive wall games… Only limited by your imagination! Check out our short YouTube clip to see the versatility of our Polyester Wall Art!

PVC stickers – die cut to your required size and shape. PVC or Vinyl labels and stickers are ideal for outdoor use or in environments where they will need to withstand wet.

Paper stickers – die cut to your required size and shape, either individual stickers or on sheets or rolls ready to peel off (dependent on stock and size) – Can have a Gloss finish. Paper stickers and labels are only suitable for indoor use.

“Frosted glass” – A sticker that gives the same appearance of frosted glass on your glass doors and windows. Can be supplied at large sizes and can be die-cut to custom shapes


Let us know the type you require, the size of each sticker and the quantity and we′ll get back to you asap with our competitive pricing.


We can use your own artwork or create a design for you. Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements. We always have an option to suit every need and budget!

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