Signage – Design & Print

We not only design but advise, print and supply many types of signage that you may need to promote your business….. not just locally around the Sunshine Coast, we can deliver Nationwide.

We have over 9 years experience at providing quality Event Signage and banners on the Sunshine Coast and also delivering Nationwide.  Tailored options for: Schools (House banners, Pennants, lectern banners etc.), Real Estate (Auction banners, Corflutes, Open House banners, Pull Up banners etc.), indoor signage & backdrops for Trade shows & outdoor Agricultural Shows.

Please explore our Signage showroom website

There are many types of sign or banner options available, we have extensive experience in this field to recommend products based on how you want to promote your company, your environment and your budget.

A Frames

Things to consider: Will they be in a windy position, all day, everyday? Will you need to update the message regularly, with corflute or paper inserts? Or daily, by using a chalkboard or magnetic lettering?

There are many options available, from the heavy steel framed units with static colourbond sign to lightweight aluminum units that can be updated regularly and easily yourself with inserts, or magnetic lettering.

Pull Up or Retractable Banners

We have tried & tested these and these are printed here on the Sunshine Coast, with quick turnaround times. We also have suppliers in other States.

Things to consider:  Why do you want the Pull Up banner? – Is it to go in a Reception or shop and up all the time? If yes, then our budget Pull Up Banner would benefit you most. If you want a banner for taking to Trade Shows and is handled and transported a lot, it is better to pay a little more and have a unit which is strong enough to withstand regular use.  Remember – not just available on the Sunshine Coast, our Pull Up banners can be delivered Nationwide, cities and rural locations, not a problem.

Teardrop Banners, Flying flags or Bali flags

Things to consider: Is that definitely the shape you want? Sometimes the shape of the teardrop banner will not be an advantage to the shape of your logo or the wording you want to use. Many people use the term ‘Teardrop’ to cover all types of flying banner. We can supply a variety of different shaped banners: Vertical or Rectangular banners, Curved top banners, wide sail banners – sometimes people use the term Bali Flag to cover the type of banner seen outside shops, when each individual shape has it’s own name… contact us today and we will advise on the best shape and style of banner for your needs.

Stickers and labels

Things to consider: Is the sticker required for outdoor use? We can supply Marine Grade vinyl stickers suitable for not just car bumper stickers, but for use out on the ocean on boats! Also: Paper stickers, gloss coated stickers, custom sized or shaped stickers, wine bottle labels, electrostatic stickers for windows etc  – Please contact us with your requirements. Want something bigger? We can help you with your car wraps and vehicle signage too!