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We are currently booked up with logo designs until the 24th August.
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Do you need a new logo design?

Re-Branding an old, existing logo?

Whether you have an online business or a high street shop, your logo design is the first thing a prospective new customer will see and as everyone knows… first impressions definitely count!

How will you be remembered?

Sunshine Coast Logo Design – Nationwide Service

We’ve added a few varied Logo Designs above that are some of our favourites we’ve created over the years. All our logos designs are created fresh for each customer & designed to suit you and only you as well as make you shine above competitors! Each logo design tells a story, maybe not to you seeing it for the first time but to our client, it is their story, their input and how they want to project the image of their company.

The process begins with…

a free consultation either in person or via phone, Skype or email. We can get a feel for you, your business and the image you’d like to project. Using our decades of experience in logo and graphic design, we will advise and offer suggests to bring your idea to life.

We then design 2 alternate ‘first draft’ logo designs for you… some companies offer 5 different designs to choose from but we feel that is confusing for the client & shows the initial brief was not understood. In some cases those extra logo designs are existing graphics already rejected by a previous client & re-hashed again for you!

We always start each logo design from scratch, based on our initial informal chat about the image you’d like to project & your likes/dislikes. Our logo proofs will following your exact request and a variant which is our own intuitive interpretation. You may like one straight away or elements of both… we’ll discuss with you and alter, change colours etc, before finally refining into your finished logo design. It is a fluid process, based on feedback from you, we provide something YOU want rather than something WE want to give you… and it works, most of our current regular clients originally came to us for ‘just a logo’.

As you can imagine, all logos are different and some take longer to create than others. Even when a logo design is ‘just a word’, there is a creative process of elimination to find the right fit of typography & colour combination etc. It does take time and creative input from us before we get to save a first proof to show you. Therefore all logo design prices do vary depending on they style you’d like. Once we have a feel for the look you require and before we start any work we will quote you an ‘All-In’ price which includes all proofs and Print-Ready & Web-Ready files provided for your finished logo design.