We are the Lenticular Flip Business Card & Postcard Printing Specialists

How about a Business or Promo Card to WOW your clients, a talking point they will remember?

At Bluemoon Graphix we are the Lenticular Flip Business Card Specialist! Business cards, Postcards and DL sized Promotional cards are available in this range. This is a Premium Product and the cost is considerably more than a traditional business card or DL flyer printing, however, they are worth the extra cost for the WOW factor and the interest you’ll receive when you hand them out.

Remember the ‘gifts’ in the old cereal packets of your youth? The footballer kicking and then scoring the goal or the face that flipped from sad to happy? That was Lenticular Printing! A card that ‘flips’ or animates between 2 or more images or messages.

These cards always create a guaranteed talking point and you can be assured your clients will want to keep them and show them around. The Lenticular Flip Business Card and flyers are not printed to card, but to a Polypropylene plastic.. meaning your new Flip Business Card will be flexible, waterproof, dirt and dust proof!

Give an amazing First Impression! And never again will your cards have tatty, curled up edges as these Lenticular Business Cards will always look new and fresh!

Check out the videos above and below of some of the Lenticular Flip Business Cards effects we’ve achieved for our clients.

Pricing depends on the size of the card and the amount of ‘flips’. Standard size for a Lenticular Flip Business Card is: 86mm wide by 52mm high. We advise that normally 2 flips is adequate and will also keep costs down.

A Lenticular Flip Business card doesn’t have to just be a business card – ideal for a promotional tool with the reverse blank or print a message & contact details with CMYK colour printing on the reverse as a great opportunity for a Call to Action. A perfect give away at your next conference or trade show.

CONTACT US TODAY FOR PRICING – minimum quantity of 250 Lenticular Flip Business Card s