silver foil printing

Cauldron Coffee

Out of the 100’s of logo’s I’ve created this is still my favourite! Especially for the way the logo & product came together and the precision & quality of the final labels.

This was the development of a unique logo with a distinctive look to highlight the brand, to be bold and individual when seen in a display fridge amongst already established brands.

The client wanted a Mandala or Yantra look to the logo so we developed this as something to stand-alone from the Cauldron Coffee lettering and yet is strong enough to be remembered as an identity.

Metallic Foil Printing is a Premium service, making the labels expensive. We advised on one generic set to be applied to all empty bottles. Then a smaller, much cheaper neck label was applied to differentiate from the flavours. The Labels needed to be a waterproof vinyl to withstand prolonged refrigeration.

We decided on a matt black background with silver foil printing for the actual logo.A solid silver foil is be applied after the initial printing. This is a printing nightmare for some printers, as the CMYK colour printing happens first and then once dried, the Foil Printing is placed on top. As you’ll see in these photos the registration and fit on these Silver Foil Printing labels was spot on!

A year later the client added Cold Drip CHAI to the range, and we modified the existing label to stand out as a new product although still follow the same distinctive look and still use the silver foil printing to maintain a brand.

precision silver foil
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