blue metallic foil printing

Foil finishing – metallic print

Want to stand out from the competition with something a bit different? A Premium Foil Finishing – metallic print Business Card or Presentation Folder will add a distinctive edge!

This special foil finishing can be applied to most print documents, from Business Cards, Postcards and posters to Presentation Folders.
Gold and Silver are the most popular but we can block any one of a range of 12 different colours, including a Holographic Silver and both Matt or Gloss Silver and Gold. A metallic finish will add an eye-catching edge to the design.

We can use metallic print to foil block text on your next business card or use it as a design element, a swirl or pattern of metallic colour to intensify the impact and add a Premium finish to your brand. These cards do cost a little more than normal as it is a special finish applied after your cards are printed and dies need to be created to register the foil exactly where it is needed on the card but we think that extra cost is worth it for the eye-catching results and the comments you’ll receive when handing over your new card!

If you are still looking for something a little bit different, a new card with a WOW factor, check out our Lenticular printed cards: HERE

Call us today to see how Foil finishing – metallic print Blocking can enhance the look of your new print products!