Banner lifespan experiment

Banner lifespan experiment.

At Bluemoon Graphix, we want to ensure the quality of the products we supply. Clients often ask us the banner lifespan, how long their flying banner will last. It’s a good question. An answer could be “How long is a piece of string?” It does depend on factors such as location, weather, how often they are brought inside, how often you wash the fabric etc etc.

But we wanted a more definitive answer of fabric banner lifespan for ourselves! We wanted to be able to inform, with first hand knowledge.

For 370 days we conducted a banner lifespan trial on our new Flying Banner to have our own proof of longevity after extreme usage… Why not 365? … well… we forgot and left it out longer!

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Lenticular Printing – Wow your clients with a Flip Card

Looking for something different…

We are specialists in Lenticular Printing.

Remember the ‘gifts’ in the old cereal packets of your youth? The footballer kicking and then scoring the goal or the face that flipped from sad to happy? That is called Lenticular Printing – a card that ‘flips’ or animates between 2 or more images or messages.

How about a Business or Promo Card to WOW your clients, a talking point they will remember?

Pricing depends on the size of the card and the amount of ‘flips’. We can print with 2 or 3 different images to make up the animated card. Why not print some Lenticular cards as a ‘giveaway’ or promotional tool with one side printed as the flip image and the reverse blank…. or print extra details / photos with CMYK colour printing on the reverse. Due to the processes used, there can be no Lenticular on the reverse but that is great opportunity to print your details etc)

CONTACT US TODAY FOR PRICING – minimum quantity of 250 cards

The material used is not paper but a very thin plastic making them strong, flexible and water resistant PLUS they’ll last….

The Lenticular Printing is on the front only and the reverse can either be blank to save costs or it can be printed CMYK full colour and have your business / contact details, social media icons etc so the card can be used as a traditional business card but with added ‘Oooooo’ factor!


Flip 2


Flip 1


Flip 2


flip 1


… hand one over and it gives automatic impact!

Great for Trade Shows, Networking events etc to get you remembered and talked about

More Silver Foil Labels

New for this Cold Drip Product range, silver foil labels designed and printed for Cold Drip Chai by Cauldron Coffee Find these silver foil labels enhancing bottles within outlets all around the Sunshine Coast or find them in Eumundi Saturday market, Noosa, Caloundra on a Sunday…. A distinctive set of Silver Foiled labels and stickers for a knock out look. […]

Aluminium Composite signs – Shop Signage

Aluminium Composite Panels for shop signage New Client this month… Clinica Cosmetic Clinic in Brighton QLD needed some new Shop Signage We designed this distinctive logo, business cards, brochure and these 3m wide & 1.2m square Aluminium composite signs, which I’ve got to say, looks the best signs in the complex! We can arrange the […]