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Banner lifespan experiment

Banner lifespan experiment. At Bluemoon Graphix, we want to ensure the quality of the products we supply. Clients often ask us the banner lifespan, how long their flying banner will last. It’s a good question. An answer could be “How long is a piece of string?” It does depend on factors such as location, weather, […]

CMYK vs RGB vs Pantone artwork

I am often asked what the difference is between RGB and CMYK… RGB is how your computer monitor displays the colours you see. Everything is made up of Red, Blue and Green in various strengths to make each colour that prints, including black. If you are having your business cards, letterheads or posters printed digitally […]

Labels & Stickers – Label printers

We can provide custom printed Stickers and Labels: Marine Grade outdoor vinyl stickers – digitally printed and up to 1.2m long – Ideal for outdoor use, Car Bumper stickers used for business advertising on your vehicle. These stickers have a standard outdoor life of approx. 2 years or we can print a Premium product which […]

Logo Design Sunshine Coast

  Thinking of having a new logo? Revamping an old logo? Contact us today for a Logo Design Sunshine Coast or Nationwide As a business, your logo is like a fingerprint… an individual icon that says a lot about you, your business and the kind of image you want to portray. Contact us today for […]