5 thoughts to consider when updating your brochure

Are you looking to update your brochure? We’ve designed & printed hundreds of brochures and would love to pass this advise before you re-print.

  1. Forget you know your company… look at your brochure as a potential client would view it.
    • Does it tell you everything you’d want to know if you had never seen it before?
    • Does it contain TOO much? People get bored very easily, too much text will put potential clients off reading further
    • Is it engaging? Does it interest you & make you want to read further?
    • Do your photos SELL the product. A poor photo will put people off, better to have no photos than a bad photo!
  2. Ask someone who doesn’t know your company or products… allow them to give feedback with fresh eyes on your business – Ask 3 or 4 people. Llisten to their advise as they will be seeing your business as a new customer would.
  3. If you have a Tri-fold brochure… watch how others open it, what is the first thing they see? Is that where you have the strongest message?
  4. Try to keep dates and prices off your brochure. Prices or Special offers can be added via a cost-effective single insert, daily/weekly/monthly to suit you… or state that prices & Specials are listed on your website, facebook page, twitter etc… which will ensure your brochure remains current for longer but also gain you visitors to your online mediums. If you do have to list your prices, then maybe go for a lower print run – yes, the unit cost per leaflet will be more, but you’ll use them quicker, so can update sooner… a low unit cost does not mean much when your brochures are sat in a box doing nothing!
  5. Remember to highlight ALL your calls-to-action , not just your phone number… Do you have a Website, e-Newsletter, Facebook or Twitter page? Then make sure that is highlighted on your brochure and tell people so that they can interact with you!

Also check out our Blog on QR Codes… these are a great way for potential customers to quickly & easily link to your web or social media site.

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